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Jughead’s Basement Podcast with the Vindictives

If you’re just sitting around this morning (like me), consider giving this latest episode of the Jughead’s Basement Podcast & Blog about the Vindictives‘ “Hypno-Punko(TM)” album. Jughead’s podcasts are always exhaustively in depth dissections of whatever subject he’s on, and I very much appreciate the crazy amount of time that must go into the interviews and editing, etc of these things. and I wanted to help get the word out about this episode, as the Vindictives are a personal favorite band, and in my opinion very important to at the Chicago musical history, if not punk rock in it’s entirety.

Not to make this about us, but many years ago we put out a Vindictives Tribute 7″ featuring Shot Baker and Vacation Bible School, but I think what Tony from Shot Baker wrote for that records liner notes still rings very true: