NO STRESS comp is streaming/available now

Hey Friends,
We announced this comp last week, so we finally put up the NO STRESS comp on our bandcamp page to stream and the 3″ CDr version in our store. It’s (probably) the dumbest idea we’ve ever followed through on.

There’s a bunch of rad friends involved who donated tracks for this thing and I think it came out pretty fucking cool. The CDr’s come in a little envelope and that’s $3, or you can download the comp for free off bandcamp.

Stream/digital purchases HERE.

Buy the CDr version HERE.

That’s all I’ve got for now – Enjoy!

the NO STRESS comp is finally here!


Hey friends,
Back in like October or November last year I discovered I had a spool of 50 3″ mini CDr’s. I don’t remember where or when exactly, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them for about 6 or 7 years unopened (I moved at least twice in that span of time). So I decided to use them for something… I didn’t know what for, but I decided why not do a compilation and just ask friends to donate songs to it…so I asked Facebook and within a few hours I was already getting songs!

These discs can have up to 24 minutes of audio burned onto them, so I played around with titles involving the length of the recording for a long while. After lining up some of the tracks from people and bands and eventually settled on the idea of needing this thing to be as stress free as possible because running this label is very often a frustrating part of my life. I sometimes need to do really impractical, goofy things to amuse myself, and it had been a while since I had done anything goofy. So I settled on the idea that this compilation was going to add NO STRESS to my life…and that name stuck in my brain…so I told everyone there was going to be no deadline on getting me material and then waited. I asked my friend Booker to draw something for the cover, and gave him the only direction that it was called NO STRESS and he drew the above art…that’s the cover you see above. Booker is awesome. Pester him to let you buy his art. I eventually got everything in but my day job was monumentally busy this spring so putting this together got back burner-ed until that subsided. I finally have time for this to get done and released.

So let’s get down to the reality of this: Yes. I am putting out a compilation on a form of media that is so irrelevant it isn’t even funny. It’s obnoxious and stupid. I wholeheartedly agree. But it’s happening, and there’s only going to be 50 of them, and then the compilation will live on bandcamp. If the idea of cassette releases pisses you off, I’m sure this is going to draw similar ire, but as I said above, sometimes I need to amuse myself and not spend thousands of dollars on records because I wanted to do something fun and easy.

This compilation will have 10 tracks on it and will feature:
1. Barons
2. the Mizzerables
3. Fuck You, Idiot
4. Awkward Age
5. Goodrich Gevaart
6. Jason Douglas Swearingen
7. Chronic Seizure
8. Warrior Tribes
9. Pink Eyes
10. Venom Lords

most of the songs are otherwise unreleased…I’ll have more info posted here on Monday. Stay tuned.

Anxious and Angry podcast interview

Hey Friends,
I was interviewed a few weeks back for the Anxious and Angry podcast that Ryan from Off With Their Heads has been doing. He was in Chicago for the holidays and he invited me over to Liar’s Club one night to do this. The interview was a lot of fun, Ryan and I have never been able to sit down and talk in the past because of the hectic nature of being on tour etc… I was really excited to get to do this and I really appreciate the work he’s putting into the show. I have gotten a lot of great feedback from it, it meant a lot that so many friends listened to it, too.
Also when I mention Stand By Me in it, I meant Lean on Me, (Thanks Keith).

If you want to check it out it’s available on Stitcher Radio on your phones, via the iTunes store, or here:

Jughead’s Basement Podcast with the Vindictives

If you’re just sitting around this morning (like me), consider giving this latest episode of the Jughead’s Basement Podcast & Blog about the Vindictives‘ “Hypno-Punko(TM)” album. Jughead’s podcasts are always exhaustively in depth dissections of whatever subject he’s on, and I very much appreciate the crazy amount of time that must go into the interviews and editing, etc of these things. and I wanted to help get the word out about this episode, as the Vindictives are a personal favorite band, and in my opinion very important to at the Chicago musical history, if not punk rock in it’s entirety.

Not to make this about us, but many years ago we put out a Vindictives Tribute 7″ featuring Shot Baker and Vacation Bible School, but I think what Tony from Shot Baker wrote for that records liner notes still rings very true:

The Sky We Scrape’s upcoming shows

The Sky We Scrape have two shows coming up, these will be the first local shows with the silk screened “Broken Ladders” LPs!! We added pictures of the vinyl at our store here

12/19 at Quenchers Saloon
12/20 at the Free Clinic (see invite link for address info) Do it!

Stream the Broken Ladders 12″ here:

Our bands playing Pre-FEST & the FEST in Florida this week!

To any attendees of the Pre-Fest & the Fest shows in Florida this week:
Here’s the set times for bands and/or comedians who we have done records/tapes/releases for(or will be doing), if you need more info please visit:

PRE-FEST in Tampa, FL
10/29 @ Tequilas
>>Awkward Age 7:30-8:00pm
10/30 @ Tequilas (outside)
>>Franz Nicolay 1:40-2:10pm

Friday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
10/31 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>The Copyrights 6:20-7pm
10/31 @ Loosey’s
>>Barons midnight-12:30am
>>The Sky We Scrape 12:50am-1:20am

Saturday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
11/1 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>the Slackers 6:30-7:10pm
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Awkward Age 4:40-5:10pm
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>All Eyes West 6:20-6:50pm
11/1 @ Rockey’s Comedy Showcase
>>1:25-1:35 Stephanie Hasz
>>1:45-1:55pm Goodrich Gevaart
11/1 @ Loosey’s
>>Franz Nicolay 3-3:30pm

Sunday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
11/2 @ CMC
>>Vic Ruggiero 3:10-3:40pm
>>Franz Nicolay 5:50-6:20pm
11/2 @ Rockey’s
>>the Fad 8-8:30pm
11/2 @ Rockey’s Comedy Showcase
>>1:15-1:25 Stephanie Hasz
>>2:05-2:15pm Goodrich Gevaart

The following list are bands who feature members of bands we have previously released records for and still admire, and want them to succeed, and we feel they are also worthy of your time and attention, some of these bands have sets at Pre-Fest too, but I didn’t write down the times:
10/31 @ Rockey’s
>>Direct Hit 8:50-9:20pm (ex-Galactic Cannibal)
10/31 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Worlds Scariest Police Chases 7:10-7:40pm (mbr of Barons)
10/31 @ Loosey’s
>>Junior Battles 7-7:30pm (ex-O Pioneers)

11/1 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>Dear Landlord 4:30-5:10pm (mbrs of the Copyrights/the Heat Tape)
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Hospital Job 1am-1:30am (Luke from the Copyrights)

11/2 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>Iron Chic 2:30-3:10pm (we have an exclusive color variant of their Not Like This LP in our store, which kind of counts…)
11/2 @ Loosey’s
>>Laura Palmer 3:50-4:20pm (ex-the Outsiders)
Sunday 11/2 @ the Wooly
>>Coliseum 9-9:40pm (ex-Black Cross)

Barons show this Friday in Pittsburgh with TDA, release party for new split 7″

BARONS got written up in the local newspaper about their show on Friday in Pittsburgh.

It is the release show for their new split 7″ with REMAINDERS, a one-off reunion show for the pre-Barons/Voice in the Wire band Teddy Duchamp’s Army AND Worlds Scariest Police Chases last hometown show.
check out the article from the Pittsburgh City Paper here

RSVP to the show here:

Zack Furness (Barons) writes books too.

61cd6j8mHzL._UX250_Did you know our buddy Zack Furness, singer of BARONS, Voice In The Wire & Teddy Duchamp’s Army is a published author too?

Here’s a link HERE to check out his two books and one collection of essays that he contributed to on the NFL (his late Father was a star defensive tackle in the 70’s for the Pittsburgh Steelers).
If any of these books sound interesting, please order a copy via this link or seek out the actual publisher websites to order directly.

The Sky We Scrape “Broken Ladders” pre-order

TSWS_BL_cover_highresHi Everyone,
We are launching the pre-order today for the latest EP from The Sky We Scrape. This is a one sided 12″ titled “Broken Ladders”!

You can place an order for it here in our store. There’s a separate “package” version to get all 3 colors in a slightly cheaper way, if you want all the vinyl options.

This brand new record is available on 3 vinyl colorways: 312 White, 136 Clear, 80 Coke bottle clear. The record has 4 songs on it and it comes with a download code. We have the covers and the vinyl in, we just need to finish silk screening artwork on the b sides of the records. We anticipate to have them ready in a week or so.

track listing:
1.Ghost Bikes 04:18
2.The Warmth of Other Suns 02:37
3.Mended Fences 03:43
4.Bounder 03:47

You can also buy the EP on our bandcamp page here.

We are pretty stoked on this EP. TSWS is one of our favorite Chicago bands, they’re a great crew of people and this EP is a fantastic follow up to their “Divides” LP that came out last year via Paper and Plastick / Gunner Records. We recommend them if you like: Small Brown Bike, Red City Radio, As Friends Rust & Rise Against.