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Rebel Spies “Rise!” album pre-order

the “Rise!” album cover

We have a new release available – the debut LP from Rebel Spies titled “Rise!” the pre-order is up now here on our Bandcamp page. There’s all kinds of options available: digital only, CD, vinyl, t shirts and combinations of all of the above.

RS are a great Detroit hardcore punk band I fell in love with a few years ago when they released their first EP. When the album was pitched to me I didn’t even blink before I said yes. Like many of UC’s releases, before I was even tied to it I was eagerly awaiting the album myself just as a fan of the band.

In a “historical label connection” sense RS bassist Jeff Uberti also plays in Hellmouth, who we released a split 7″ with years ago and their drummer Ryan V. has been in the Suicide Machines for the past 16 or 17 years, we’ve re-issued a couple of their albums too. Their singer Jeff was formerly in the great Detroit ska punk band Telegraph and guitarist’s Matt Wedge and Tony Del Bel have been in foredirelifesake and Bastardous/HiFi Handgrenades, respectively.

We pressed the vinyl at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, on a limited run of 330 copies all on random colors. As per usual with GG, they delivered some amazingly beautiful records, this is only a small assortment:

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media accounts you’ve noticed I have been really playing up the Star Wars angle/connection to the bands name to promote the album. I do not apologize.

Thanks you deserve, buy now, or face the wrath of Yoda.

Not Afraid?

You will be. You will be.


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2016 kinda sucked

Hi friends,
The year is winding down, it kinda sucked for a lot of reasons, right?

Some parts that weren’t awful were when we put our newest releases:
All Eyes West’s With Wade 10″ vinyl
Tomorrow’s Gone This Music Will Survive 2xCD discography
(both Jeff Dean bands from opposite ends of his musical career…our longest standing partner-in-crime over our entire history of releasing records).
the Suicide Machines On the Eve of Destruction 2xLP (more of their REALLY early demos that the band self released years ago on CD… Asbestos Records and I were just dumb savvy enough to convince them it was a good idea to do a vinyl reissue).
…and at the beginning of the year there was a Russian Imperial Stout released with our name on it. That one is still a mind-blower (there’s a Bourbon-barren aged version available at their tap room now too).

I actually have a handful of new releases lined up for the new year already maybe supplemented with more weird re-issues?! In our 13th year as a record label we’re going to try to get back on a more frequent release schedule and be an “active label” again.

Check out the newer releases we have.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page which we clearly update more than this site.
Buy some music from everyone, not just us.
As always: thank you for supporting this record label.
-Justin / UC.

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RIP Robert McAllister (Capital)

I’ve been putting this off for weeks and I need to get to it:

On January 9th, 2016, our dear friend Rob McAllister passed away suddenly, he was 35. Today, is/would have been/is Rob’s 36th birthday.

Rob played guitar in the Long Island hardcore band Capital, who we released 3 LPs for – in addition to Iron Chic who we also love immensely. He was the kind of person that  lit up a room with pure joy more than probably anyone I’ve ever met. As much as everyone adored Rob, he gave back your kindness ten-fold. He was the goofiest, most thoughtful guy in the world. Let me put it this way, and leave it at this: I don’t know anyone that disliked Rob, and if there are such people I don’t ever want to know them.

In the days following his passing, some friends started a page for the initial expenses to help Rob’s family out, which raised a good chunk of change. The reality is that his family is now facing life without him. So there’s a second YouCaring page that has been set up to benefit them for the long haul:

To supplement this, for the time being, I’ll be donating ALL of the money from Capital record sales to Marisa directly. If you have the means to do so: maybe either donate to the above link, or buy Capital records from the label store, and I’ll pass that money along as sales come in.

He was truly a special person, whose presence compelled you to be a more compassionate human being. He made a huge impression on me, this is how I will try to honor his memory.

thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Hey friends,3857303
Regarding the international shipping rates in our store:
the post office raised the rates on us, expect this to be in flux for a little while until we’e able to nail down the exact amounts – keep in mind we’ll refund overcharges on the postage if our store over calculates, so all costs below are estimates:
1 to 2 = $13.25 (1 oz to 8 oz is the same rate)
3 to 10 = $22.50 (8.1 oz to 28 oz is the same rate)
1 to 2 = $22.50
> 1LP+box+mailer padding=18 to 20 oz
> 2LPs+box+mailer padding=26 to 28oz
3 to 4 = $33.50
> 3LP+box+mailer padding=37-39 oz
> 4LPs+box+mailer padding=47 to 48oz)
5 or more – email me for an estimate
Canada rates vary a little more:

7″s = $10 for the first 7″ and $3 to $5 each additional item
LPs = $16.25 for the first LP and $3 to 5.00 each additional item


***Note: the base rates are for an LP. If only ordering a CD or 7″, the overcharges will be refunded.

Finally, keep in mind this is totally out of our hands. We wish it didn’t cost so much.
-Justin // ucr.

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The UC beer will fight oppression — with guitars!

So you guys are stoked about beer. Last week I announced that the label is partnering with Blue Island Beer Company to do an “Underground Communique” Russian Imperial Stout. While I’m also excited to see how it turns out, BIBC offering to donate a portion of the profits to a charity of my choice is another major reason to be stoked. It didn’t take me long to decide — I’ve asked them to donate money to:

This is why:
I figured as a record label, it should be a music related charity
I would like to see more ladies performing music. Period.

Back in 2012 I attended a benefit show for GR!C where a band from its camp opened for a “super-group” Fugazi tribute band. The students did a great job. It was pretty inspiring, and that night stuck with me. As soon as the brewery asked me to pick a charity, GR!C was the first thing that came to mind.

Here’s some details I’ve borrowed from the GR!C mission statement so you can get a better understanding of what they do:

GR!C are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering girls’ creative expression, self-esteem and community awareness through music.

They host week-long summer camp program is organized around motivating girls ages 8-16 through instrument instruction, music composition coaching, recording workshops, song-writing workshops, hands-on activities, technical equipment workshops, guest speakers, team-building activities and band performances. We seek to provide positive and supportive role models for campers though interaction and participation by volunteers who will share their experiences as women involved in some form of making music.

Please take some time to check out their site, and if it inspires you to do so, please donate to them… or come out to the bottle release party this Saturday at the BIBC brewery and buy this beer to benefit GR!C!

I’ll have the label distro/store with me selling records and hanging out for a few hours too. Should be a fun time. Hope to see you there.

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Underground Communique: the beer?

…so this is pretty random, but there’s going to be a local brewery making a Russian Imperial Stout beer, called Underground Communique. Kinda crazy to say the least.

First, though I probably should explain…

An old friend who works at Blue Island Beer Company emailed me a few months back asking about partnering with the label as they wanted to make a Russian Imperial Stout beer. He thought the label name and the Russian style beer would compliment each other. I immediately said yes. I figure, if nothing else, this has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We talked briefly about it. They kept rolling on the brewing aspect and now they’re releasing it. Yesterday, they announced a party to launch said beer at the brewery (at 13357 Olde Western Ave, Blue Island, Illinois 60406) on Saturday, December 19th, 2015.

Here’s what the label is going to look like:

OK, finally let’s address the one thing that anyone that knows me might call into question:
I (Justin, who runs UC, the label) don’t drink. I’m not super vocal about it, but I just don’t, and never have. I heard a Minor Threat song called “Straight Edge” in the mid-90’s and thought ‘hey that’s a name for what I’m doing anyway…I’m going with that’. Simply stated, I’m not an asshole about it. More importantly: I’ve never made it part of the labels ethos (though we have released like 2 Straight Edge bands). So there might end up being like 1 person that calls me out for being hypocritical. I’m just going to stare down that weirdness in the face right now at the onset, and we can all let it go, ok?

Another cool aspect to this is that BIBC asked to partner with a local charity and donate a portion of the sales, so as soon as we finalize that I’ll start promoting the hell out of them too.

I’ll be at the Brewery release party on 12/19 with the UC store in tow and selling records.
Come hang out, alright?

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BARONS​ at Fat Guy Fest​ 2 (Kalamazoo, MI)
Fuck You, Idiot​ at CASA DE GOLDMAN (Dayton, OH)
The Bollweevils​ (7″ RELEASE SHOW!) at Orgcore Fest at Quenchers Saloon​ (Chicago)
The Sky We Scrape​ & BARONS at Chop Shop & 1st Ward​(Chicago)
Fuck You, Idiot at Ace of Cups​ (Columbus, OH)
The Sky We Scrape at FAT GUY FEST 2 (Kalamazoo, MI)
Fuck You, Idiot at Ink Division​ (Braddock (Pittsburgh), PA)
Fuck You, Idiot at @LOT 13 (Bayonne, NJ)

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NO STRESS comp is streaming/available now

Hey Friends,
We announced this comp last week, so we finally put up the NO STRESS comp on our bandcamp page to stream and the 3″ CDr version in our store. It’s (probably) the dumbest idea we’ve ever followed through on.

There’s a bunch of rad friends involved who donated tracks for this thing and I think it came out pretty fucking cool. The CDr’s come in a little envelope and that’s $3, or you can download the comp for free off bandcamp.

Stream/digital purchases HERE.

Buy the CDr version HERE.

That’s all I’ve got for now – Enjoy!

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the NO STRESS comp is finally here!


Hey friends,
Back in like October or November last year I discovered I had a spool of 50 3″ mini CDr’s. I don’t remember where or when exactly, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them for about 6 or 7 years unopened (I moved at least twice in that span of time). So I decided to use them for something… I didn’t know what for, but I decided why not do a compilation and just ask friends to donate songs to it…so I asked Facebook and within a few hours I was already getting songs!

These discs can have up to 24 minutes of audio burned onto them, so I played around with titles involving the length of the recording for a long while. After lining up some of the tracks from people and bands and eventually settled on the idea of needing this thing to be as stress free as possible because running this label is very often a frustrating part of my life. I sometimes need to do really impractical, goofy things to amuse myself, and it had been a while since I had done anything goofy. So I settled on the idea that this compilation was going to add NO STRESS to my life…and that name stuck in my brain…so I told everyone there was going to be no deadline on getting me material and then waited. I asked my friend Booker to draw something for the cover, and gave him the only direction that it was called NO STRESS and he drew the above art…that’s the cover you see above. Booker is awesome. Pester him to let you buy his art. I eventually got everything in but my day job was monumentally busy this spring so putting this together got back burner-ed until that subsided. I finally have time for this to get done and released.

So let’s get down to the reality of this: Yes. I am putting out a compilation on a form of media that is so irrelevant it isn’t even funny. It’s obnoxious and stupid. I wholeheartedly agree. But it’s happening, and there’s only going to be 50 of them, and then the compilation will live on bandcamp. If the idea of cassette releases pisses you off, I’m sure this is going to draw similar ire, but as I said above, sometimes I need to amuse myself and not spend thousands of dollars on records because I wanted to do something fun and easy.

This compilation will have 10 tracks on it and will feature:
1. Barons
2. the Mizzerables
3. Fuck You, Idiot
4. Awkward Age
5. Goodrich Gevaart
6. Jason Douglas Swearingen
7. Chronic Seizure
8. Warrior Tribes
9. Pink Eyes
10. Venom Lords

most of the songs are otherwise unreleased…I’ll have more info posted here on Monday. Stay tuned.