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2016 kinda sucked

Hi friends,
The year is winding down, it kinda sucked for a lot of reasons, right?

Some parts that weren’t awful were when we put our newest releases:
All Eyes West’s With Wade 10″ vinyl
Tomorrow’s Gone This Music Will Survive 2xCD discography
(both Jeff Dean bands from opposite ends of his musical career…our longest standing partner-in-crime over our entire history of releasing records).
the Suicide Machines On the Eve of Destruction 2xLP (more of their REALLY early demos that the band self released years ago on CD… Asbestos Records and I were just dumb savvy enough to convince them it was a good idea to do a vinyl reissue).
…and at the beginning of the year there was a Russian Imperial Stout released with our name on it. That one is still a mind-blower (there’s a Bourbon-barren aged version available at their tap room now too).

I actually have a handful of new releases lined up for the new year already maybe supplemented with more weird re-issues?! In our 13th year as a record label we’re going to try to get back on a more frequent release schedule and be an “active label” again.

Check out the newer releases we have.
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As always: thank you for supporting this record label.
-Justin / UC.