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RIP Robert McAllister (Capital)

I’ve been putting this off for weeks and I need to get to it:

On January 9th, 2016, our dear friend Rob McAllister passed away suddenly, he was 35. Today, is/would have been/is Rob’s 36th birthday.

Rob played guitar in the Long Island hardcore band Capital, who we released 3 LPs for – in addition to Iron Chic who we also love immensely. He was the kind of person that  lit up a room with pure joy more than probably anyone I’ve ever met. As much as everyone adored Rob, he gave back your kindness ten-fold. He was the goofiest, most thoughtful guy in the world. Let me put it this way, and leave it at this: I don’t know anyone that disliked Rob, and if there are such people I don’t ever want to know them.

In the days following his passing, some friends started a page for the initial expenses to help Rob’s family out, which raised a good chunk of change. The reality is that his family is now facing life without him. So there’s a second YouCaring page that has been set up to benefit them for the long haul:

To supplement this, for the time being, I’ll be donating ALL of the money from Capital record sales to Marisa directly. If you have the means to do so: maybe either donate to the above link, or buy Capital records from the label store, and I’ll pass that money along as sales come in.

He was truly a special person, whose presence compelled you to be a more compassionate human being. He made a huge impression on me, this is how I will try to honor his memory.

thanks for taking the time to read this.