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Underground Communique: the beer?

…so this is pretty random, but there’s going to be a local brewery making a Russian Imperial Stout beer, called Underground Communique. Kinda crazy to say the least.

First, though I probably should explain…

An old friend who works at Blue Island Beer Company emailed me a few months back asking about partnering with the label as they wanted to make a Russian Imperial Stout beer. He thought the label name and the Russian style beer would compliment each other. I immediately said yes. I figure, if nothing else, this has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We talked briefly about it. They kept rolling on the brewing aspect and now they’re releasing it. Yesterday, they announced a party to launch said beer at the brewery (at 13357 Olde Western Ave, Blue Island, Illinois 60406) on Saturday, December 19th, 2015.

Here’s what the label is going to look like:

OK, finally let’s address the one thing that anyone that knows me might call into question:
I (Justin, who runs UC, the label) don’t drink. I’m not super vocal about it, but I just don’t, and never have. I heard a Minor Threat song called “Straight Edge” in the mid-90’s and thought ‘hey that’s a name for what I’m doing anyway…I’m going with that’. Simply stated, I’m not an asshole about it. More importantly: I’ve never made it part of the labels ethos (though we have released like 2 Straight Edge bands). So there might end up being like 1 person that calls me out for being hypocritical. I’m just going to stare down that weirdness in the face right now at the onset, and we can all let it go, ok?

Another cool aspect to this is that BIBC asked to partner with a local charity and donate a portion of the sales, so as soon as we finalize that I’ll start promoting the hell out of them too.

I’ll be at the Brewery release party on 12/19 with the UC store in tow and selling records.
Come hang out, alright?