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the NO STRESS comp is finally here!


Hey friends,
Back in like October or November last year I discovered I had a spool of 50 3″ mini CDr’s. I don’t remember where or when exactly, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them for about 6 or 7 years unopened (I moved at least twice in that span of time). So I decided to use them for something… I didn’t know what for, but I decided why not do a compilation and just ask friends to donate songs to it…so I asked Facebook and within a few hours I was already getting songs!

These discs can have up to 24 minutes of audio burned onto them, so I played around with titles involving the length of the recording for a long while. After lining up some of the tracks from people and bands and eventually settled on the idea of needing this thing to be as stress free as possible because running this label is very often a frustrating part of my life. I sometimes need to do really impractical, goofy things to amuse myself, and it had been a while since I had done anything goofy. So I settled on the idea that this compilation was going to add NO STRESS to my life…and that name stuck in my brain…so I told everyone there was going to be no deadline on getting me material and then waited. I asked my friend Booker to draw something for the cover, and gave him the only direction that it was called NO STRESS and he drew the above art…that’s the cover you see above. Booker is awesome. Pester him to let you buy his art. I eventually got everything in but my day job was monumentally busy this spring so putting this together got back burner-ed until that subsided. I finally have time for this to get done and released.

So let’s get down to the reality of this: Yes. I am putting out a compilation on a form of media that is so irrelevant it isn’t even funny. It’s obnoxious and stupid. I wholeheartedly agree. But it’s happening, and there’s only going to be 50 of them, and then the compilation will live on bandcamp. If the idea of cassette releases pisses you off, I’m sure this is going to draw similar ire, but as I said above, sometimes I need to amuse myself and not spend thousands of dollars on records because I wanted to do something fun and easy.

This compilation will have 10 tracks on it and will feature:
1. Barons
2. the Mizzerables
3. Fuck You, Idiot
4. Awkward Age
5. Goodrich Gevaart
6. Jason Douglas Swearingen
7. Chronic Seizure
8. Warrior Tribes
9. Pink Eyes
10. Venom Lords

most of the songs are otherwise unreleased…I’ll have more info posted here on Monday. Stay tuned.