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Our bands playing Pre-FEST & the FEST in Florida this week!

To any attendees of the Pre-Fest & the Fest shows in Florida this week:
Here’s the set times for bands and/or comedians who we have done records/tapes/releases for(or will be doing), if you need more info please visit:

PRE-FEST in Tampa, FL
10/29 @ Tequilas
>>Awkward Age 7:30-8:00pm
10/30 @ Tequilas (outside)
>>Franz Nicolay 1:40-2:10pm

Friday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
10/31 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>The Copyrights 6:20-7pm
10/31 @ Loosey’s
>>Barons midnight-12:30am
>>The Sky We Scrape 12:50am-1:20am

Saturday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
11/1 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>the Slackers 6:30-7:10pm
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Awkward Age 4:40-5:10pm
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>All Eyes West 6:20-6:50pm
11/1 @ Rockey’s Comedy Showcase
>>1:25-1:35 Stephanie Hasz
>>1:45-1:55pm Goodrich Gevaart
11/1 @ Loosey’s
>>Franz Nicolay 3-3:30pm

Sunday – The Fest in Gainesville, FL
11/2 @ CMC
>>Vic Ruggiero 3:10-3:40pm
>>Franz Nicolay 5:50-6:20pm
11/2 @ Rockey’s
>>the Fad 8-8:30pm
11/2 @ Rockey’s Comedy Showcase
>>1:15-1:25 Stephanie Hasz
>>2:05-2:15pm Goodrich Gevaart

The following list are bands who feature members of bands we have previously released records for and still admire, and want them to succeed, and we feel they are also worthy of your time and attention, some of these bands have sets at Pre-Fest too, but I didn’t write down the times:
10/31 @ Rockey’s
>>Direct Hit 8:50-9:20pm (ex-Galactic Cannibal)
10/31 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Worlds Scariest Police Chases 7:10-7:40pm (mbr of Barons)
10/31 @ Loosey’s
>>Junior Battles 7-7:30pm (ex-O Pioneers)

11/1 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>Dear Landlord 4:30-5:10pm (mbrs of the Copyrights/the Heat Tape)
11/1 @ Durty Nelly’s
>>Hospital Job 1am-1:30am (Luke from the Copyrights)

11/2 @ Bo Diddley Plaza
>>Iron Chic 2:30-3:10pm (we have an exclusive color variant of their Not Like This LP in our store, which kind of counts…)
11/2 @ Loosey’s
>>Laura Palmer 3:50-4:20pm (ex-the Outsiders)
Sunday 11/2 @ the Wooly
>>Coliseum 9-9:40pm (ex-Black Cross)